Why is it powerful?

One scan gives the power to promote, protect and to track & trace. One scan takes the user much beyond the pretty look of a label. One scan opens a world of possibilities for consumers, brand owners, retailers, all players in the value chain and during the whole life cycle of the product. 

Why is it simple with Skanem?

There are many needs and possibilities with smart labels, but not one solution that fits all. Skanem makes it simple for you by focusing on what your needs are. Do you want it intuitive? Maybe you want to level up? Or perhaps you would like it to work like magic and create a WOW-effect. Skanem delivers what you need, you don't have to worry about the technology, the platform or the printing. We do it all!

Unique Code
Promote Protect Track
Intuitive Cost-efficient Sampling check
Magic Code
Promote Protect Track
Works like magic Discreet Inline check
Promote Protect Track
Easy tap Level up Easy check
Promote Protect Track
Not yet… Exclusive Massivelly efficient

Why is it smart?

Behind a simple piece of printed paper much is happening. Whether your product is scanned at your production site, in the logistic chain, at the point of sale or at the point of use, statistics are gathered in real time. For example, it makes a true difference to know what consumers like or do not like, and to know it in real time. No need to wait for market surveys or studies. We measure the success of a product, the efficiency of a supply chain and the end destination of a product so you can act on it. 

Can I have it all?

All technologies allow you to combine promotion, protection and track & trace without much extra effort. And without much extra cost. Regardless of what the prime motivation is, it is possible to combine multiple possibilities. If you are keen on interacting with consumers, why not use the smart labels for some supply chain improvements as well? If brand protection is crucial for you, why not run some promotional activities too?

you can have it all

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